Founded in 1950 today Bahama designs and manufactures a great variety of high-quality large-size parasols and sun sails. The premium products from Bahama characteristically stand for technical attributes like compactness, durability and wind stability but also for aesthetic features like beautiful designs and materials.

Discover the possibilities of an extended outdoor season. No matter what the weather. Just get to know us!

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The Heart of it All

Jumbrella is the solution for everything. It can be found in our product range between »small and light« like the models Easy and Event and »large« like the models Jumbrella XL, Largo & Magnum. The large-size parasol Jumbrella stands out with its numerous possible combinations and additional features. The different features can be individually combined depending on your technical requirements.

  • 20 different model sizes from 8 m2 to 36 m2 and side lengths from 2 to 6 m

  • Round, square and rectangular models

  • Great variety of additional features e.g. textile gutters,
    side panels, lighting with LED, heating, speakers, TV, Wifi, extra protection with the V4A | Maritime Edition

  • Maintenance-free servo mechanism for trouble-free opening and closing

  • Energy efficient handling through gradual opening (servo-mechanism); depending on model 2- or 4-stages

  • No loose functional parts like ropes, cranks or connectors

  • 2 lockable handles with spring buckles for optimal fabric tension

  • Standard frame in traffic white | RAL 9016, glossy finish or in anthracite grey | RAL 7016, textured matte finish

  • Optional custom design of frame finish (color, exclusive wood look | Golden Oak) and of membranes

  • Perfect, lasting tension as the textile membrane is integrated into the spoke

  • Additional, stabilizing support spokes

  • Membranes made of 100% polyester in three different high-quality fabrics

  • Large, contemporary selection of colors

  • Highest UV-protection UPF 50+

  • Absolutely waterproof

  • Numerous possibilities for printing on the textile membranes and/or valances

  • Including protective cover with lacing, made of tent fabric | Nicotarp

  • Short delivery times, fast spare parts delivery, lifelong spare parts supply

  • Various installation options as well as adaptations for various on-site conditions (either fixed or tiltable)

  • Newest generation of infrared radiators that can remain in the closed parasol

  • Integrated theft prevention

  • Up to 111-months wind warranty depending on installation options and parasol size of up to wind force 10 | 102 km/h

The Jumbrella 4 x 4 wins the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2018. Since 1953 this renowned label has stood worldwide for good design. The independent international jury of experts bestowed the coveted seal of quality upon the Jumbrella amongst 6,400 entries from 54 countries.

The high design quality of the Bahama Jumbrella has convinced the Red Dot jury of experts. The large-size parasol, which is manufactured in Germany, has been awarded with the coveted quality seal “Red Dot Award: Product Design”.

Product Information

Textile Membranes

No matter your choice of fabric, the resulting textile membranes combine all the attributes of a durable and sustainable product. These include next to the high-quality appearance numerous technical functions.

Brand Name: betex®05 Fabric exclusively crafted for Bahama

100% polyester fabric with top transparent coating

Printable with the most modern printing process

Highest sun protection factor UPF 50+, protects against harmful UV radiation (exception: snow 9577)

High degree of fabric lightfastness (i.e. fading) (DIN EN ISO 105- B02 Class ≥ 6–7)

High waterproofness, pressure resistance (DIN EN 20811, ISO 811 | Water column ≥ 100 mbar, 1.000 mm)

Low moisture absorption, dries quickly

High temperature resistance (DIN 53361 from -30°/+90°C)

Excellent friction resistance (DIN EN ISO 105-x12 | Class ≥ 4–5)

High tear resistance due to high thread count

Durable, tailor-made and dimensionally stable with perfect membrane tension

Sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics with the OEKO-TEX 100 Standard, Class 1

Exchangeable and washable, one-piece membranes

25 contemporary colors according to the color chart

Brand Name: TEXOUT Precontraint 302

100% polyester fabric 550 Dtex

With vinyl coating

Grammage of approx. 480 g/m2

Highest sun protection factor UPF 50+, protects against harmful UV radiation

Highest degree of fabric lightfastness (i.e. fading) (DIN EN ISO 105-B02 | Class ≥ 7–8)

Heat-sealed segments, 100% waterproof


High temperature resistance (DIN 53361 from -30°/+70°C)

Fire retardant (DIN 4102-B1)

Exceptional surface stability and tear resistance

Durable, robust, dirt-repellant and stable in all weather conditions

Additional Features


The valance is hemmed, dyed in the matching color and the edgelines are thermally processed. No ruffles here.

Valance height approx. 30 cm

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 Dimensions & Technical Data


Round models

Note: Subject to change without notice. | * All measurements refer to the use with a permanent installation option (in-ground sleeve).


Opening and closing is quick and easy.


  • Take off the safety strap. Lift the ends of the spokes
    until the parasol opens by itself.

  • Latch in the spring buckle and press the handle down.

The excellent appearance and the technical features of the textile membrane can be maintained by adhering to the following closing procedures:

Always pull the tips of the fabric to the outside of a closed parasol

Do not store the parasol with any fabric stuck between the spokes and support spokes

Spirally wrap the fabric around the center pole

Wrap the safety strap around the parasol to secure the fabric.

Good to know

Sustainability and Environmental Compatibility

The »betex®05« fabric, exclusively crafted for Bahama, and the resulting textile membrane are certified exclusively according to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, Class 1 which is awarded by independent institutions. Class 1 meets the demands of baby clothing with skin contact.

The OEKO-TEX pollutant test corresponds to the respective intended use of the textiles and materials. In Germany there are clear and reliable criteria for environmental compatibility and sustainability. Bahama demands of its products that every defect or damaged part can be replaced.

Use Cases

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