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Additional Features
Protective Cover
Impact Protection
Theft Protection & Authorized Use
Trasport Packaging
Extra Protection V4A
Textile Gutters
Side Panels
Lighting | LED Lighting


The valance is hemmed, dyed in the matching color and the edgelines are thermally processed. No ruffles here.

Valance height approx. 30 cm

Additional advertising space

Volant-Zusatzausstattung-Bahama-de (1).j


The Bahama UV printer uses 9 color channels. Even pure white. Only lightfast and highest quality inks are used to ensure color accurate fonts, logos and 2 emblems are positioned with millimeter precision. The membrane segments are sewed together after printing; the PVC-coated segments are heat sealed together.


No fading due to highly UV-resistant colors

Optimal advertising impact

Individual printing of the textile membranes

References: Mc Donalds, Starbucks, Heineken, Carlsberg, Bitburger, Gaffel, Café & Bar Celona, Café Extrablatt, Hilton, Kempinski u. a.


Protective Cover

Not only does it keep everything together, it also keeps it clean. Film packaging is often not enough protection. To this end there are – especially for winter or long term storage – robust protective covers in different versions.

Protective Cover basic

Light weather protection cover

Tent fabric | Nicotarp with lacing


Protective Cover comfort

Robust weather protection cover

»betex®05« | Polyester | 9801 – concrete

With zipper for telescopic rod

Protective Cover comfort with Telescopic Rod

Equipped with telescopic rod. When ordering more than one cover, only one telescopic rod is necessary.

Easy to put over the parasol


Impact Protection

Metal or soft padding? Some questions answer themselves when it comes to eliminating a potential source of injury (e.g. kindergartens or retirement homes).

Colorful soft foam safeguard; available in 10 colors

Cuff with soft foam on the inside

Outer material made of polyester fabric with vinyl coating

With Velcro fasteners


Theft Protection and Authorized Use

You wouldn’t park your high-end bicycle without locking it up first, right? Protect your parasol from theft with a lock that is incorporated in the installation option. Further, a cylindrical lock in the handle prevents unauthorized use (opening and closing) of the parasol.

Lock in Handle

(included with delivery)

1 Cylindrical lock inside the handle

Prevention of unauthorized opening and closing

Easy to use

Further Lock

(included with delivery)

Theft protection

Incorporated in the installation option


Transport Packaging

The parasols leave our production facility in perfect condition. To ensure they arrive in perfect condition they are delivered in a hard-cardboard cylinder tube.

Outer diameter approx. 362 to 462 mm

Weight without parasol approx. 20–30 kg

*depending on model


Outer diameter approx. 362 to 462 mm


Extra Protection V4A | Maritime Edition

Optional off-shore stainless steel version »maritime«. Cannot be retrofitted.

All metal components made of a special alloy V4A stainless steel

Developed for use near the seaside Especially durable


Textile Gutters

Not only rain falls from the sky, bird droppings or wet leaves are often bothersome, too. To attain one entirely closed area the individual parasols can be connected by a textile gutter creating a coherent covering that is optically appealing.

Gutter with a gradient for water runoff

Fastening with carabiners and chains

Stability due to rods inserted into the hollow seams Colors matching the textile membrane

Optically appealing unit of parasol and gutter Light-permeable for a cozy atmosphere

High waterproofness

Protection against rain, bird droppings and leaves


Frame Modification

The modification of the parasol frame is necessary (all spokes); threaded sockets are embedded in the spoke profile

Choice of Fabrics

betex®05, TEXOUT Precontraint 302, swela Sunvas


Side Panels

There is no more tossing a coin to figure out who has to sit at the edge of the parasol when the weather isn’t behaving. The quickly and easily unrolled »side panels« not only protect you from sudden rain showers, but also against the cold and wind. Through this possibility of creating a boundary, they provide a feeling of secure comfort.

Made completely of textile fabric with or without flexible windows of 0.5 mm strong Polyglass

With zipper for opening and closing

High waterproofness

Stability due to rods inserted into the hollow seams

Drip edge on the ground made of PVC-coated polyester fabric


Frame Modification

The modification of the parasol frame is necessary (per spoke); pre-fitting of eye screws and slot nuts on spoke profile (no additional drill hole)


Connecting piece for joining the side panels of 2 parasols


Lighting | LED Lighting

There are moments when time flies by. The sun was just shining and now twilight has set in. The »light« installed in the parasol creates a uniform and pleasant atmosphere, that turns the night into day and lets you forget the time.


Economical energy consumption, due to LED light bulbs or LED strips

All wiring is inside; no tangled cables

Appealing lighting condition extends outdoor season Creates a warm and inviting atmosphere

Pleasant working atmosphere for service personnel



4 LED light bulbs

Light temperature 2700 K

4 × 4 W light power

supply power 240 V (available in US edition – 120 V)


External control unit with FI-switch and on/off switch for each individual electromechanical option


Color sequences | 8 pre-programmed colors, including warm and cold white

Integrated into parasol spokes

Dimmable with remote control

Indirect RGB LED lighting 120-240/24V

RGB LED strips


External control unit with FI-switch and on/off switch for each individual electromechanical option

2, 4, 6 or 8 RGB LED strips



The »radiator« creates pleasant warmth by emitting infrared rays – without any pre-heating. When several are installed they can also be individually turned on or off. Even a cold ambient temperature is not perceived as unpleasant due to the direct warmth people feel. Use our heating option to defy frosty seasons and cool evenings.

2 or 4 electrical, turnable infrared radiators (available in US edition)

Extended outdoor season; year-round outdoor living

Remote control can regulate 6 levels

2000 watts per radiator

Long-lasting »Ultra Low Glow« heating tube Can remain in closed parasol


External control unit with FI-switch and on/off switch for each individual electromechanical option


2 or 4 infrared radiators



Music is much more than just an acoustical backdrop. An installed »audio system« can create very different atmospheres, in which people can have a lively celebration or simply relax after work – depending on desire and mood.

Audio system integrated into the frame

Optionally with one or two speakers


External control unit with FI-switch and on/off switch for each individual electromechanical option



Who likes sitting alone at home in front of the TV? Especially not when everyone is outdoors watching the same thing. The additional feature »TV« gives outdoor screening a community spirit with a great deal of fun.

Stable, light-weight mount

Installation for 1 or 2 screens per parasol


Frame Modification

Standard TV mounting console in parasol with VESA-Norm 200 for a maximum screen size of 32 inches

240 V power connection for 1 or 2 TVs on the mounting console (available in US edition – 120 V)

Network connection CAT 7 inside the electric crown unit



External control unit with FI-switch and on/off switch for each individual electromechanical option



These days it already seems a matter of course that customers are offered free public Wifi. Installing a »Wifi Network« is not merely providing an additional service, it also attracts and keeps customers.

Internal CAT 7 wiring

Integrated CAT 7 RJ45 network interface

Integrated in electrical crown unit


240 V-socket integrated in electrical crown unit (available in US edition – 120 V)

Wifi device

External control unit with FI-switch and on/off switch for each individual electromechanical option

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