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Setting the Scene

What’s the key to a winning first impression? Ensuring that the design elements on the outdoor terrace, such as large- size parasols and assorted furnishings, complement the architecture. They mirror the interior and thereby the distinguished qualities of the hotel.
This positive perception can be maintained throughout every aspect of the interior. From the reception desk, to the rooms all the way to the restaurants, bars, and spa areas. Bahama large-size parasols perfectly set the scene with their high quality, elegant design, and beautiful materials.

Large-size parasols also awaken certain expectations: for instance, guests often associate them with a range of culinary treats. In contrast, parasols overlooking sun loungers in a spa area promise a relaxing atmosphere, while those installed in hotel gardens offer a sanctuary for quiet reading or lively conversations.
In all corners of the hotel, guests can find the ideal place that suits their needs – with large-size parasols ensuring a fluent transition between indoor and outdoor areas.

4-Bahama-fuer-die-Hotellerie-Bahama-de (

No Matter what the Weather

Bahama large-size parasols are easy to operate: with open- ing, tensioning, and closing each taking a matter of moments. And the guaranteed wind stability means they can even be left open in windy conditions. Depending on the installation device, every umbrella model has its own maximum wind resistance. Under our umbrellas you can enjoy a peace of mind, no matter what the weather. Thanks to the Bahama wind warranty.

The fabric used in Bahama large-size parasols also pro- vides outstanding UV protection (UPF50+). Guests have high expectations when it comes to large-size parasols – after all, a spot of sunburn would be just as unwelcome as see- ing a lovingly prepared meal simply melt away on a plate. Knowing that they can enjoy their dishes at their own pace in the soothing shade, your guests will find their food taste better.



Terraces often serve as open-air living rooms, representing an attractive prospect for those who enjoy the feel of outdoor living and want to spend as much time outside as possible. When the temperature drops, Bahama additional features such as heating and side panels are there to ensure a pleasant atmosphere. These innovations help extend the open-air season, putting an end to the age-old question of “indoors or outdoors?” Hotel guests are then able to rely on the outdoor terrace as a viable option – even in the face of cold, rainy, or windy conditions.


Expert Planning

Bahama helps you plan ahead, with personal consultations and customized illustrations assisting architects and construction managers as they go about their work. This means that no-trip installation devices can be installed in the terraces as early as the construction phase.

Moving beyond technical planning, the major emphasis on aesthetic components ensures that the parasol shape, color, and fabric perfectly match all other design elements featured in the overall concept. Bahama’s wide-ranging color palette for membranes and column coatings offers a whole host of customized modern looks that reflect the corporate design of the hotel in every last detail.


Bahama Product Benefits

Benefits for Bahama Customers

  • Choice of 7 different models

  • Model sizes from 4.9 m2 to 140 m2 and side lengths from 2.5 m to 12 m

  • Round, square, and rectangular models

  • Wide range of additional features including LED light- ing, radiators, textile gutter, side panel, speakers, TV, Wi-Fi, and USB port

  • High wind stability and corresponding safety

  • Use of handles with spring buckles or gear motor for easy opening and closing

  • Maximum UV protection: UPF50+

  • Fully waterproof and dirt-repellent

  • Wide range of modern colors

  • Expanded seating capacity in outdoor areas

  • Guests spend longer periods in outdoor areas

  • Increased turnover

  • Optimum color matching to corporate design

  • Reduced reliance on good weather

  • Guests are protected against sun, wind, and rain

  • More pleasant stays

  • More satisfied guests

Product Information

UV Protection

Analogous to the sun protection factor/SPF all textiles are labeled with the ultraviolet protection factor/UPF. Built into the fabric it protects against hazardous UV radiation. Bahama only uses fabric materials, which fulfill the requirements for UPF50. It indicates an »excellent« dermatological UV protection factor according to DIN EN 13758 and allows less than one fiftieth (<2%) of the UV radiation through the textile membrane onto the skin.

Wind Stability

Strong gusts of wind don’t announce their coming, they surprise you. The combination of high-quality materials and structural features make Bahama’s large-size parasols particularly sturdy. Greater sturdiness also means better stability making them safer at the same time.

Textile Membranes | Cover

No matter your choice of fabric, the resulting textile membranes combine all the attributes of a durable and sustainable product. Feel free to explore our wide range of modern and vivid colors.

betex®05 | Bahama exclusive fabric

100% polyester fabric with transparent coating on top side

25 contemporary colors (custom colors upon request)


100% polyester fabric, 550 dtex, with vinyl coating

25 contemporary colors (custom colors upon request)

Additional options with large range of colors depending on model:

swela Sunvas, swela Outguard 393, TEXOUT PRECONTRAINT 502 Satin


Only lightfast and highest quality inks are used to ensure color accurate fonts, logos and emblems are positioned with millimeter precision. The printing process is performed in-house.

Option for incorporating commercial partners

Matching the appearance of the hotel

Additional Features

Choose from a wide range of additional features and installation devices. The available installation and combination options vary depending on the parasol model.

Textile Gutter and Side Panel

The textile gutter and the side panels are useful enhancements. After all, they help close a gap in the most literal sense. Together, they ensure extra protection against rough weather conditions and combine to form a holistic overall appearance.

Entirely made of betex®05 fabric

Stability ensured by rods inserted into hollow seams

Side panel with or without flexible polyglass window

Uniform look shared by parasol and textile gutter or side panel

Rolled-up side panels remain attached to open parasol Multiple side panels can be connected using zippers

Side panels offer temporary space solutions, e.g. for garden events and smoking areas


Lighting | LED Lighting

Cables routed within the frame to prevent tangling

LED lights or RGB LED strips

LED lighting with remote control and predefined colors

Lights can optionally be operated without remote control via a smartphone app; Bluetooth access via control software of LED lighting

Time often seems to fly by. Brilliant sunshine quickly gives way to twilight. By attaching lights to your parasol, you can maintain a pleasant atmosphere that turns night back into day.

Jumbrella-LED-Weiss-Bahama-de (1).jpg


The heater uses infrared radiation to ensure pleasant temperatures with no lead time. If multiple heaters are attached, these can be activated independently. This additional heat is directed toward the persons seated below, meaning that icy temperatures and chilly evenings no longer serve as a deterrent from sitting outside.

Turnable infrared radiator

Including remote control; dimmable

Remains in parasol when closed


Additional features such as speakers, TV, Wi-Fi and USB port

Let your guests decide whether they want to party hard, chill out after work, or come together as a group to watch the big game. No matter which feature you choose, they are an extra service for your guests as they encourage extended stays in more pleasant conditions.

Additional options depending on model:
Anti-theft and usage protection, protective cover, etc.


Installation Options

There are a range of mobile and permanent installation options to choose from. While the mobile models offer greater flexibility in terms of location and prevailing conditions, the permanent variants provide outstanding sturdiness, can be assembled underneath terraces, and are suitable for installation in green spaces or on beaches.

Portable stand and steel cross-frames with concrete slabs for changing locations

In-ground sleeve – no trip hazard as it is flush with the ground

Steel plate base can also be used for installation underneath terraces

In-ground installation with connection for electromechanical and heating options

Connecting plate for Krinner ground screw, particularly suitable for loose subsurfaces such as hotel beaches and green spaces

Additional in-ground installation options, e.g. for special concrete subsurfaces


Ground Clearance


Depending on the size, Bahama umbrellas offer sufficient ground clearance.

Suitable Models



  • Entry-level model

  • Easy to transport

  • Ideal for changing locations



  • Good price-to-performance ratio

  • Entry-level model with maintenance-free servo-mechanism



  • Bahama’s most successful model

  • The solution for everything with a large selection of sizes, combinations and optional features


Jumbrella Wave

  • Wave-shaped cover

  • Unique design

  • Eye-catching addition

1-Bahama-Jumbrella-XL-Schirm (1).png

Jumbrella XL

  • Extra-large model covering an extended area

  • Suitable for the toughest conditions

  • Variety of additional features



  • Premium model

  • Designed for extreme loads

  • Maximum stability



  • The most high-tech model

  • Tulip-shaped design conceals technical fittings

  • Maximum stability


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