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Hospitals, Retirement and Nursing Homes

Around One Table

The various kinds of gastronomy like cantinas and cafés are much more than just »places to still the hunger for larger groups«. Especially health and care institutions like hospitals, retirement and nursing homes not only offer a place to obtain affordable food and drinks, but are a valued place for talking and coming together. Patients and residents have the possibility to conduct important conversations or to surround themselves with people so they don’t have to spend their day alone. For these reasons, many institutions create additional spaces like outdoor areas with further seating facilities – making a visit or stay much more pleasant.

Elderly, ill or weakened people are often limited in their freedom of movement. Their days are mainly spent in their rooms either lying down or sitting. Mealtimes or getting out to have a coffee are important opportunities for mobilization.
The outdoor areas of cantinas and cafeterias provide these people with the chance to get some fresh air. They can enjoy the surrounding nature and experience stimulating change in their daily environment. However, while outside they should also be protected from UV rays. Due to the fabric used, Bahama large-size parasols offer reliable and comprehensive UV protection (UPF 50+). This aspect is especially important for patients or residents, who have through their illness perhaps lost a feeling for time or the ability to assess the danger posed by sunrays.


Elderly or ill people are not always accompanied by caregivers. Should they choose to spend their time outdoors, these areas should be equipped with large-size parasols that operate automatically i.e. without needing additional personnel. Wind stability and UV protection are basic requirements. And next to all the safety aspects, a large- size parasol creates a pleasant atmosphere to help facilitate well-being and the recovery process. Many qualitative improvements are possible through minor changes: a Bahama large-size parasol can be helpful in supporting them.

In addition patients or residents of care facilities often don’t have the necessary coordination or cannot estimate heights or surfaces. Accessibility of all surroundings best describes this desirable structural quality, which enables people with impairments to get around without additional help.
Tripping hazards like parasol installation options are to be fundamentally avoided. Bahama has developed parasol installations designed for exactly such areas of use. They are embedded in the ground and thus pose no potential tripping hazard. The large-size parasol can also be fitted with an impact protection, to protect against injuries should someone fall against the center pole.

The Heart of it All

Bahama large-size parasols have excellent features for health and care institutions:

Sustainability & Environmental Compatibility

The fabric, exclusively crafted for Bahama, and the result- ing textile membrane are certified exclusively according to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, Class 1 which is awarded by independent institutions. Class 1 meets the demands of baby clothing with skin contact.

The OEKO-TEX pollutant test corresponds to the respective intended use of the textiles and materials. In Germany there are clear and reliable criteria for environmental compatibility and sustainability. Bahama demands of its products that every defect or damaged part can be replaced.

Impact Protection

Metal or soft padding? Some questions answer themselves when it comes to eliminating the risk of getting hurt. The impact protection ensures this doesn’t happen. It surrounds the stable center pole of the parasol with a soft foam safeguard.


UV Protection

Analogous to the sun protection factor/SPF all textiles are labeled with the ultraviolet protection factor/UPF. Built into the fabric it protects against hazardous UV radiation. Bahama uses the fabric brand betex®05 for the production of its parasol textile membranes. This material fulfills the requirements for UPF50+, which indicates an »excellent« dermatological UV protection factor according to DIN EN 13758 and allows less than one fiftieth (<2%) of the UV radiation through the textile membrane onto the skin.

  • The textile fabric used has been approved according to UV standards and has an “excellent” dermatological UV sun protection factor (according to DIN EN 13758)

  • UPF 50+ allows less than one fiftieth (< 2%) of the UV radiation through the textile membrane and onto the skin

  • High wind stability with the corresponding safety Installation options without a tripping hazard

  • Well-cushioned and visible impact protection around the pole (soft foam safeguard with Velcro fastener)

  • Quick and easy opening and closing in a matter of seconds

  • Tension latches with spring buckles for opening and closing instead of a crank

  • Cylindrical lock in the tension latches prevents unauthorized opening and closing (depending on model)

  • Textile membrane with the OEKO-TEX 100 Standard, Class 1 for environmental protection and sustainability

  • Absolutely waterproof, dirt-repellant and washable textile membrane

Ground Clearance


Depending on the size, Bahama umbrellas offer sufficient ground clearance.

Installation Options

A number of mobile and stationary installation options are available. All Bahama installation options will adequately secure the parasol.

Sleeve for installation without a tripping hazard (in ground)

Permanent with in-ground sleeve or semi-permanent with on-ground steel plate

Mobile with a cross-frame for flagstones


Wind Stability

Strong gusts of wind don’t announce their coming, they surprise you. The combination of high-quality materials and structural features make Bahama’s large-size parasols especially sturdy. Greater sturdiness also means better stability making them safer at the same time.


Event                         up to max. wind force 10                                95 km/h

Jumbrella                up to max. wind force 10                               102 km/h

Jumbrella XL          up to max. wind force 11                                110 km/h

Depending on the installation type and size of parasol:

Suitable Models



  • Ideal for changing locations



  • Good price-to-performance ratio

  • Entry-level model with maintenance-free servo-mechanism



  • Bahama’s most successful model

  • The solution for everything with a large selection of sizes, combinations and optional features

  • Entry-level model

  • Easy to transport


Jumbrella XL

  • Stands for “extra-large”

  • Possible covered area: 25 – 37 m2

  • Suitable for all extreme conditions


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